Meet the Farmers

We are the Wickham’s

Est. 1986

Our farm’s story began in 1986, when we planted our first pumpkin fields and sold them from a red road side stand. We continued to rent land and grow pumpkins until 2002, when we bought our original farm located on Route 250 in Penfield. With 8 acres of land, 3 young kids, and 2 more full time jobs the possibilities were endless!

2002 - Expanding the farm

We began by adding a corn maze the first year we owned the Route 250 property and then built our first barn in 2004. From here we slowly started to expand our business from the small roadside pumpkin stand that started it all. We added ice cream in 2005, and by 2007 we had a mini golf course too! In 2009, we added our Jumping Pillow and that really started to allow us to stand out as a really fun destination for the families in our community. Seeing kids and adults having fun on the pillow from the road always brought a smile to our faces.

Our farm was starting to grow…
...and our family was growing with it too! 

Family has always been at the center of our business. Whether it’s our own family, the families who visit the farm, or the staff team that becomes family every single season, we always aim to put family first. So by sticking to our values and providing a family friendly experience for our guests and team, we eventually realized we had almost begun to outgrow our 8 acre farm on Route 250! Fortunately, we had purchased more than 100 acres of overgrown vineyard on Sweets Corners Road in 2012. While we may not have known it at the time, but this property full of old grapes, trellis, and wire would become the future home to Wickham Farms as we know it now.

The "Big Move"

The “Big Move” was born in our minds and 2018, and took place in a whirlwind of activity in 2019! All in 8 months, we completed construction of our first two barns, added a parking lot, water service, electrical service, sewer lines, and 15+ brand new attractions to make our new farm destination shine. Oh, and by the way as all homeowners know, we had to get grass growing too!! Words cannot do justice for the task our family and our team took on in 2019, but looking back it sure is pretty cool! When it was all said and done, we closed our location on Route 250 on June 30, 2019 and opened across the street on August 17th… and as we always say… “Don’t tell us what we can’t do, we will show you what we can!”

Thank You!

There are SO many people deserving thanks that have helped us grow our farm over the years! We want to give the biggest thank you to Don & Bev Wickham (Bill’s parents) and Bob & Helen Spampinato (Deb’s parents). Without your help and support through the years we would not have had the money to buy our land, the equipment to farm it, or the knowledge & wisdom to survive in business. Thank you so much, we wish we could show you what you helped to create!

Lastly, thank you so much for your support of our family farm, and we cannot wait to continue building an amazing place that friends & families from all over can enjoy for many years to come!!! 

See you on the farm!
-The Wickham’s