What We Provide

A fun and exciting place to work and grow for all!
For High School Team Members:
  • 4 free transferable admission passes to the farm
  • 50% discount on food items and beverages during shifts
  • Lunches provided on busy weekends
For Adult Team Members:
  • 4 individual season passes
  • Employee discounts each shift
  • Lunch provided on busy weekends

What We Are Looking For

If you can bring a good attitude and availability, we are sure to have an opportunity for you!
A great attitude. We are very fortunate to provide food and cherished memories for THOUSANDS of families in our community. Our team members all play an important role in guests lives every day on the farm.
Availability. Our season runs from June – October and we are always looking for more people. Our greatest time of need is September & October.

We will be accepting applications on April 1st!