Professional Photography

Schedule Your Next Photo Session at the Farm

Reserve the Wickham Farms fields and apple orchard for your next professional photography session!

  • Our Lavender field will be open until July 20th for photography reservations. 
  • Sunflowers fields will be available August 15 thru September 7th. 

Any professional or amateur photographer is always welcome to take pictures during festival hours if they pay general admission and do not bring any extra equipment beyond a camera/lens or require any exclusivity. This would apply to their groups / clients as well. Professional photography sessions are defined as any session where the photographer is poised to profit from the photography shoot, or uses professional equipment beyond a camera (i.e .tripods,  screens, light meters etc.)

Any professional or amateur photographer who will be bringing in equipment and requires exclusivity must pay the $50 site fee, and reserve a slot during scheduled “off-hours” as listed in guidelines. 

All photography sessions must be scheduled in advance. Link here. The fee is $50 per hour time slot.  Start time  is 6:30 PM for set-up and 7:00 to 8:00 PM for the photo session(s).  (August & September)

All  questions should be directed to (585)747-7790 or . Follow the link to arrange and pay  for your  sunflower field site reservation.