Farming For Kids Video Series

The “Vrrrooommm – Farming for Kids” video series was written and produced by a real-life farmer, Bill Wickham. He had one goal when producing these: to provide fun and educational videos that help children learn about how crops grow and how farms work. 

The videos use the noise and action of today’s high-tech farm equipment – tractors, combines, big trucks, and more – to hold the viewers’ attention. This allows friendly Farmer Bill to deliver an important message: that the food chain begins long before the grocery store.

Learn All About Modern Agriculture

Join Farmer Bill as he takes an educational tour of modern agriculture in this four part video series. In Vrrrooommm 1: Farming for Kids, Farmer Bill learns all about modern vegetable production and the machinery and people that are responsible for getting fresh produce from the fields to our plate. In Vrrrooommm 2: Dairy Farming for Kids, Farmer Bill visits a local dairy farm to learn where milk comes from and what it takes to manage a herd of cows. Then, join him as he visits a large cheese manufacturing plant to see how milk is turned into cheese. In Vrrrooommm 3: Apple Farming for Kids, Farmer Bill visits some of our local New York State apple growers to see how fruit is grown and harvested. Finally, in Vrrrooommm 4: Citrus Farming for Kids, Farmer Bill takes a trip down to Florida to learn about citrus production. 

All four award winning videos are available on DVD or VHS.