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Hitting a baseball or softball is all about timing. By watching the pitcher’s arm and release of the ball, you know when to shift your weight and start your swing. Our “Iron Mike” arm-style pitching machines let you see the machines’ arm wind up and release the ball. This allows you to practice the same timing in the batting cage as you use at the plate.

We have six cages:

  • 4 baseball (various speeds from 35 to 75 miles per hour)
  • 2 softball (one fast pitch and one slow pitch)


  • 1 token (12 pitches) - $1
  • 12 tokens - $10

Batting helmets are required in batting cages at all times. You may bring your own bat and helmet or borrow from us.

Batting cages are open April through October; click here (navigate to contact us) for hours. Also, our cages do not have lighting, so plan your schedule so you can finish by dusk.

Batting Cage Rental

During the hours that we are open to the public, we do not offer batting cage rental, but teams are welcome and take advantage of the cages on a first-come, first-served basis. We offer a quantity discount on tokens (12 tokens for $10). The advantage of our token deal is that if you have a range of hitting levels, players can use whichever speed matches their ability.

If you are bringing a team to use the batting cages, we'd be happy to take down the time you are coming so that we don't have two teams arrive at once. Just call us at (585) 377-3276 to let us know.

When we are closed for business, we are happy to offer batting cage rental. Examples of these times are:

  • Nice days in March.
  • Before we open for business each day. Note that we open at 11 a.m. on weekends in April, so is a great time to get ready for baseball season.

The prices for off-hours batting cage rentals are:

  • 1 lane for 1 hour: $40
  • 2 lanes for 1 hour: $55
  • 3 lanes for 1 hour: $65

If you wish to rent batting cages during off hours, please call us at (58) 377-3276 or email us at office@wickhamfarms.com.


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